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Tattoo Removal Cost

Frequently Asked Questions

    While Doctors and MediSpas can offer the same treatments as we can, they also must spread their knowledge and focus on multiple different skin treatments. Sometimes this equates to lack of focus and commitment to one craft. We are not “jack of all trades, master of none”. We are master of one: laser tattoo removal - we focus on nothing else. BROKEN-INK was designed to be your go-to place in the Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia area for affordable, personalized treatments while providing the safest and most effective results for fading or removing your unwanted tattoos.
  • Who performs the treatments?
    A licensed CLO (Certified Laser Operator) specifically trained and certified for laser tattoo removal. As the owner and operator, Paul Leech, and the BROKEN-INK staff, will provide you with the best possible experience ensuring professionalism and courtesy.
  • How does laser tattoo removal work?
    BROKEN-INK uses the highest quality and state-of-the-art-technology – (FDA approved) Picosecond and Nanosecond; Q-Switched lasers. Specific wavelengths of the laser are predetermined to fire on your tattoo. Each wavelength of the laser targets different colors of ink pigment. That laser beam is absorbed into the ink, but not your skin, and effectively breaks up the specific-colored ink molecules small enough for your immune system to remove via your lymphatic system. The laser treatment is only half of the reason that the ink is removed. The other half is your body’s immune system and how healthy you are for it to work efficiently. The healthier you are, the quicker the body will remove those ink particles that the laser beam breaks down.
  • How many treatments will I need?
    A lot of variables go into answering this question. Fading to full removal can occur between 4 and 14 treatments, respectively. Some more, some less, but most are in between that range. The amount of treatments can be narrowed down after your consultation.
  • How long do I need to wait in between treatments
    Generally, we recommend 4 – 8 weeks in between treatments. Your skin needs this time to heal before another laser treatment can occur. *NOTE it is totally fine, and sometimes encouraged, to wait longer between treatments.
  • Will my tattoo be 100% removed?
    In most cases the answer is YES, but there is no laser or service out there that can claim to safely and effectively remove 100% of ALL tattoos. If someone is claiming this, we suggest you look elsewhere for more accurate information. This is mainly because of the vast and unregulated tattoo pigments used throughout the world. There are endless combinations of molecular compounds and metals that may be in your tattoo ink, so on that basis, we cannot promise full removal of 100% of tattoos that we treat. However, BROKEN-INK’s state-of-the art-laser has multiple wavelengths and multiple pulse durations to provide the highest capability for a full removal of your tattoo.
  • What if I only want part of my tattoo removed?
    No problem, we can do that. Our laser has multiple spot sizes (millimeters of range) so we can get in between colors of ink and remove sections of your tattoo if desired.
  • What types of tattoos do you remove?
    We can safely remove traditional tattoos, cosmetic or microbladed eyebrows, and Scalp-Micropigmentation.
  • Can you fade my tattoo for a cover up tattoo?
    Yes, we can! Some clients do not necessarily need to fully remove a tattoo since they plan to replace it, or cover it with another tattoo. Artists may have a difficult time covering up a heavily inked tattoo, so laser tattoo fading is a great solution. You can fade your tattoo until your artist feels confident that he/she can cover it up without difficulty. The lighter the fading, the better a quality tattoo can cover it.
  • Is it painful?
    Short answer, yes. The good news is getting a tattoo actually takes 25 times (or more) longer than a tattoo removal treatment! To keep you comfortable, we use gel ice packs and cryogen cooling equipment in conjunction with the laser to cool your skin during the treatment - this drastically decreases the pain. Unlike other clinics, this cooling device is included in all laser tattoo fading and removal treatments at no additional charge
  • Will it leave a scar?
    IF the post-treatment care is followed properly, then there is a very small chance of scarring. We have a post-treatment care guide that will greatly diminish the chances of scarring.
  • How does skin color effect treatment?
    Skin color is mentioned due to the nature of different laser light being absorbed into specific colors of pigment, as laser light does not discriminate between black pigment in your ink and black pigment in your skin color. This is not to say that dark skin cannot have laser tattoo removal, it just takes the proper laser and more time and care to effectively treat your tattoo with proper energy settings and extended lengths of time for the epidermis to heal.
  • Are there any side effects?
    Although laser tattoo removal is proven very safe, there are some clients that have minor reactions to the treatments, such as treatment area redness, swelling, blistering and scabbing. These are temporary and will go away once the body heals – usually in about 2 weeks. Other side effects include hypopigmentation (whitening) and hyperpigmentation (darkening) of the treated skin area. These are also temporary; however, these side effects may take longer to subside (months to sometimes years). The darker the skin, the higher the chance that hypo and hyperpigmentation can occur. On rare occasions, clients may develop a severe allergic reaction to the ink molecules being broken up and sent throughout the body’s lymphatic system for disposal. Red ink has had a history of producing a severe reaction. If you experienced any adverse reactions when you received your tattoo (especially red pigment), then there is a good chance that it will also happen to you during a laser treatment – and possibly worse because the body was only fighting the foreign substance in a localized area, but now the broken ink molecules are traveling throughout your blood stream, and the adverse reaction can occur in more places on your body.
  • What if I require assistance to a severe reaction?
    If a minor or severe reaction from the laser tattoo removal treatment occurs, we have an on-call physician who is knowledgeable in tattoo removal treatments. Our Medical Director, Dr N. Mopuri, MD, is available to answer any questions or concerns. Dr Mopuri not only specializes in Internal Medicine, but he has also been trained as a Certified Laser Operator for laser tattoo removal and has attended the same clinical training classes as each of our technicians. Rest assured, BROKEN-INK has you covered for all your pre and post care treatments for your laser tattoo fading and removal needs!
  • What types of payment do you accept?
    We accept cash, however we prefer credit cards - we take most credit cards. We do not accept personal checks or Bitcoin.
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