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Carbon Laser Facials

Carbon Laser Facial | BROKEN-INK

Brand new! Broken-Ink is now offering safe and effective carbon laser facials in Philadelphia.

Carbon laser facials are a superficial treatment that can help with acne, enlarged pores, oily skin, and uneven skin tone.


At your first treatment session, our certified laser operators will discuss your goals and make specific treatment recommendations.


These treatments are typically under an hour AND there is very minimal recovery time (1-2 hours of mild redness).


Learn more about our treatment options below and schedule your first appointment today!

 Treatment Pricing

Single Treatment




Pack of Four Treatments



Save When You Renew

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Carbon Laser Facial Treatment Options

At BROKEN-INK, we offer four different carbon laser facial treatment options. Learn more about the different options below.  At your first appointment, our team will discuss your goals and make treatment recommendations. We pride ourselves on helping our clients feel confident, supported, and educated! 

SKIN TIGHTENING | The thermal energy from carbon will temporarily activate collagen production in the skin allowing an overall skin tightening effect for special events. 

Suggested maintenance once every 2-3 weeks

SKIN BRIGHTENING (AFTER GLOW) | The lasers absorption will gently evaporate the top layer of the dead skin cells, allowing new skin to grow, which results in a brightening effect on the skin while evening skin tone.

Suggested maintenance package of 4 every 4-8 months

REFINING ENLARGED PORES |  The carbon absorbs and attracts any excess dirt, oil, and sebum clogging the pores. When the laser beam interacts, it will cleanse the pores by evaporating any dead substances. The thermal effect of the absorbed wavelength reduces pore size & any inflammation caused by acne. 

Suggested maintenance package of 4 every 6-12 months


ACTIVE ACNE | The carbon absorbs and attracts to any dirt, oil, and sebum clogging the pores. When the wavelength is absorbed into the affected areas it will evaporate blockage, reduce inflammation and even redness. After multiple treatments, the skins PH will balance and significantly reduce flare-ups and outbreaks.
Suggested maintenance package of 4 with single treatment every 2-4 months

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to get started? Between our state-of-the-art equipment and our dedication to customer service; Broken-Ink is the best carbon laser facial service provider in Philadelphia. We’d love to learn more about your treatment goals and provide you with a clear plan.


There are three simple steps to getting started.


STEP 1 | Book your first appointment HERE

STEP 2 | Expect a 50-60 min. appointment and very mild pain. We will be discussing your goals, what to expect, and our treatment recommendations. There will be no surprises!  

STEP 3 | Schedule your next treatment! Our team will let you know the recommended timing based on your treatment plan. Purchasing a package is the BEST way to save. 

Carbon Laser Facial | BROKEN-INK

"Great experience! Looking forward to getting back for my next treatment."

- Chris P.

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