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Laser Tattoo Removal in Philly

There are cost, time, and emotional considerations when you decide to remove a tattoo. Broken-Ink is here to help you navigate the process!


Use the scheduler below to book your treatment session. Sign in to BROKEN-INK's Appointments, choose your service, find a time that works with your schedule, and finally, provide some personal details.


We do require a credit card to book all appointments. If you are visiting us for a free consultation, this card will only be charged in the event of a no-show or late cancellation ($25 fee).


We look forward to seeing you soon!

Playful Father and Son

June Promotion

We're celebrating dads this month at BROKEN-INK! All fathers get a BOGO 50% discount when they purchase a session in June. 


Book your first session below! 


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What to Expect at Your Free Consultation

When you arrive at Broken-Ink, you'll check in at the front desk. One of our team members will meet you in the lobby before heading back to the treatment room. We'll start your appointment by listening and asking questions! You'll have an opportunity to tell us all about your tattoos and treatment goals.


During this first appointment, you will receive a customized treatment plan including an estimate of how many sessions it will take to reach your goals and a timeline so you can plan accordingly. We will also provide a brief overview of the tattoo removal process including important steps you can take to get the best results possible. You may be able to get started right away!


Please bring all your questions about treatment and aftercare. We want you to feel confident in your decision to work with Broken-Ink for your tattoo removal or fading.


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Father's Day Special

June is all about celebrating dads at BROKEN-INK. All dads get a BOGO 50% discount when they purchase a session in June. Take some time for you this month!


"Thank you for helping me erase my drunken mistake. Great experience. Would highly recommend."

- David D.

Your First Treatment Session

Each treatment session will last 15-20 minutes. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures you are getting the safest and most effective treatment possible.


To keep you comfortable during your treatment, we use cryogen cooling equipment in conjunction with the laser to cool your skin during the treatment. This cool air drastically decreases the pain and is included in every treatment with no additional charge!


You will leave your appointment with a take-home aftercare treatment kit. Our team will be reaching out following your treatment so that we can closely monitor your healing process.


As laser tattoo removal professionals, Broken-Ink prides itself on providing exceptional customer service. It’s very important to us that you feel comfortable, educated, and safe during every phase of your treatment!


Visit our FAQ page to learn more and please contact our team if you have additional questions. We’re happy to help!

Laser Tattoo Removal in Philly
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