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After Care

We pride ourselves on the aftercare services we provide for our clients.   BROKEN-INK supplies each of our clients with a take-home aftercare treatment kit.  We also request that you stay in touch (via text and post-treatment photos) in the days following your treatment so that we can closely monitor your healing process with personalized care. In addition to delivering state-of-the-art laser treatments on your tattoo, we believe that good post treatment care is directly related to optimal results and drastically lowers the risk of adverse reactions. 

how painful is tattoo removal

Medical Director


If a minor or severe reaction from the laser tattoo removal treatment occurs, we have an on-call physician who is knowledgeable in tattoo removal treatments. Our Medical Director, Dr N. Mopuri, MD, is available to answer any questions or concerns.  Dr Mopuri not only specializes in Internal Medicine, but he has also been trained as a Certified Laser Operator for laser tattoo removal and has attended the same clinical training classes as each of our technicians.  Rest assured, BROKEN-INK has you covered for all your pre and post care treatments for your laser tattoo fading and removal needs!

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