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There are several ways to remove your tattoo, however, if tattoo removal was a competition, there is a clear winner when determining a "Best in Show" for removing your tattoo = LASER TATTOO REMOVAL.

LASER Tattoo Removal treatments have been proven to be the safest and most effective way to remove a tattoo. If performed by a trained professional with the right equipment, along with proper prep and post care, then there is a high success rate of complete removal along with a minimal chance of scarring or long-term adverse skin effects.

BROKEN-INK Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic in Philadelphia, PA has the Best Professionals using "Best in Show" lasers to get the job done! Book your FREE consultation now and let the Certified Laser Operators educate you to be well informed in making this commitment for yourself!



  1. Salibrasion and Dermabrasion These methods consist of using abrasive solutions and mechanical instruments to wear down the epidermis and dermis to slowly and painfully get rid of the layers of ink. This causes scars and visible long-term damage to the epidermis.

  2. Skin Excision is another process. This refers to surgically removing the tattoo. This method leaves a scar typically the size of the tattoo. Skin grafts can also be performed along with Skin Excisions, also leaving a scar.

  3. Injection of acid-based solutions may work, but AGAIN, will leave scarring. Uh, acid... no thank you!

  4. Tattoo Removal Cream! Now that has to work, right? Well, not really. It can fade some superficial inks laying high in the epidermis, but no cream will effectively remove or significantly fade a tattoo, simply because the ink is usually deep in the dermis and the cream just can't get down there.


How to remove a tattoo
Laser Tattoo Removal

What is the best way to remove a tattoo? Philadelphia's BROKEN-INK Laser Tattoo Removal clinic in Fishtown, PA has the knowledge, equipment, and best-in-class customer service to make you as comfortable as possible while taking the journey of removing or fading that unwanted tattoo.

Check out our website for FAQs or bring your questions and concerns to your free consultation with our friendly and knowledgeable staff! BOOK ONLINE today, It's easy and secure!

We look forward to meeting you soon and seeing how we can help.

Tattoo Removal
Broken-ink Laser Tattoo Removal

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